RipRap Stone Lake Ledge Dam Installation

RipRap Stone Lake Ledge Dam Installation




Cherokee Stone Center installed a riprap stone ledge on our lake dam and replaced our wood posts.

We were in good hands because Mario DaSilva, the owner  of Cherokee Stone Center,  is an expert at road work.  He used to do contract work for New York State’s highway system.

Mario provided 2 sections of stone examples for our resident engineer to see and decide on the final specifications for the project.

Our stone ledge wall protects the lake shoreline.  The final design was a riprap mixture of large and smaller stones.

Since our spillway has weight limits and the dam only has room for a one lane road on top,  Mario took extra care to stage the tons of riprap stone in small loads so as to lessen the impact of our neighborhood traffic and put less stress on the spillway.

His stone masons installed new posts in concrete on both sides of our spillway and added 3 new strands of cable lakeside.  Flashing was added to the base to protect the poles.

Mario did a V design in the center of the dam as an accent and to reinforce the poles.

Contractors usually bill associations at commercial rates.  Not only was Cherokee Stone Center’s riprap installation and post repair bid at residential rates but Mario over-delivered by repairing gaps in our 1/4 mile barbed wire fence along our street.

He only committed to reusing old poles from the dam and the old barbed wire for these repairs.  With no request for additional funds, Mario ended up purchasing many new poles and 1,000 feet of new barbed wire to make sure the repaired sections were sturdy.

Contractors charge for these extras but Mario provided whatever he needed to do the job correctly at his expense.

We have gotten only positive feedback from those who admire the completed riprap project.

I would highly recommend Cherokee Stone Center and Mario DaSilva to other associations.