Adding Curb Appeal To An Older Home

Adding Curb Appeal To An Older Home



I have a 30 year old house and needed to have my front stoop, retaining wall and driveway replaced. Mario with Cherokee Stone Center came highly recommended by a friend of mine.

Mario far exceeded my expectations. I had expected to replace what was there, but he redesigned the whole look of my house.
Driving up to my house or walking up my front stoop now makes me happy. It is so peaceful and green. Mario brought all the elements of my front yard together: the stream, the dogwoods, the maple trees and flowers. I even put a rocking chair on my front porch so I can sit out there and enjoy it. I never would have done that before. And now that I am sitting out there, I am meeting more of my neighbors.

I received about 7 or 8 estimates, of those, only 2 contractors could do all three elements. Mario was $3,000 less than the other estimate. Mario came in right where he said he would. I got more for my money than I had anticipated getting.

Jackie Willey
Dunwoody, Georgia