How do you find a gifted stone artisan?

Many of our customers have heartbreaking stories about contractors who leave them high and dry. Some clients have spent over $30,000 with our competitors only to discover that their pools are cracking, their pond liners leak, expensive waterfall pumps fail, their stone walls weren’t installed correctly, they were disappointed with the results or their contractors won’t return calls.

Inexperienced designers from well known landscaping companies are sent to design $20,000+ projects. Customers pay hundreds of dollars for these plans that often will cause drainage problems and stone wall failures. A little computer knowledge does not equate to 18+ years of field experience.

Do you have to carefully read the fine print to make sure that the quote will provide a finished hardscape?

We constantly hear stories of contractors that came in with low price knowing they will win the bid but leave key elements out like curbs for driveways, pumps for waterfalls and construction clean up.

The secret to the success of Cherokee Stone Center is overdelivering to customers, word of mouth advertisting and keeping our word

Cherokee Stone Center has saved on advertising costs by building a viral network of customers thrilled with their hardscapes. Most of our work comes from neighbors seeing our trucks and asking our clients about our work.

How do you know that you can trust Cherokee Stone Center?

Our competitors will hand you a list of references to call. Cherokee Stone Center has a list of clients who are so thrilled with our work that they have volunteered to let you see their driveways, koi ponds, gardens, waterfalls and stonework.

Pictures on our site do not give you the experience of walking in a garden oasis. You need to hear the sound of water falling and birds singing. You need to witness the bright colors of koi playing in our ponds.

You have to drive up to a home to see breathtaking curb apeal when the night is falling and the soft glow of landscaping lights are illuminating our stone work. Pictures, words and slide shows won’t give you the peace of mind of actually talking to our customers as they share their wonderful experiences with Cherokee Stone Center.


Natural Stone Wall – Stairs – Rock Garden – Boulders
Cherokee Stone Center serves Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Dunwoody,
Kennesaw, Woodstock, Alpharetta, Canton, Atlanta and Marietta, Gerogia.

What makes Cherokee Stone Center the best choice for designing your dreamscape?

Mario DaSilva, the owner of Cherokee Stone Center, learned to be a stone artisan from his father in Portugal. His life’s passion is garden art and painting landscapes.

Admittedly, there are many talented artists in the hardscaping business. However, most artists don’t have Mario’s skills to oversee and train stone artisans.

Did you know that hardscaping companies will hire artists but the actual work is often done by stone masons and landscapers who often compromise the artist’s vision?

Here is what makes Cherokee Stone Center different . . . Mario supported his family for many years supervising New York union crews on multi-million dollar highway projects. He managed the excavation, drainage and paving of hundreds of miles of highways. When stone walls were relocated for a highway project, he oversaw the relocation of those walls.

Mario was known by his peers for designing innovative ways to cut costs and time for completing projects. When Mario left the union to follow his entrepreneurial dreams, his artistic talents, stone experience, expert knowledge of sculpting terrain and skill with employees prepared Mario to excel at his life’s work.

How many hardscapers and stone masons can hand mould concrete to form realistic faux boulders to blend with the terrain?

Mario designs a complete artist’s picture of the landscape using natural stone, trees, plants and handcrafted materials. Mario oversees every aspect of his jobs from design and excavation to the smallest details of picking the perfect stones for the landscape.

Mario’s waterfalls have been featured in a waterfall book. He has carried out the vision of Jack Nicklaus for a New York golf course signature hole. He was a stone subcontractor for the Hard Rock Cafe. He has worked on the estate hardscapes of celebrities and multi-millionaires. However, he gives the same concern and attention to detail to a $795 stone mailbox for a cottage.

With Mario’s credentials, how can I afford Cherokee Stone Center?

We are told by many customers that our prices are actually a little less than corporate hardscapers. How is this possible? Cherokee Stone Center doesn’t have the huge overhead of our competitors and we pass the savings along to our customers.

Here are a few sample prices to get you started:

Materials and Installation Price Quote
Natural Flagstone Patio $8.50 sq ft
Stacked Fieldstone Wall $16 sq ft
Dry Stacked Stone Wall $14 sq ft
Stone Walls With Joints $16 sq ft
Home Depot Concrete Pavers $9 sq ft
Belgard Concrete Pavers $11 sq ft
Crushed Stone Driveway $3.50 sq ft
*Stone or Brick Mailbox $795
*Stone or Brick Column $795
**Stone Garden Rocks $50 per stone